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At Cherylprice.co.nz Limited we write and publish the following range of step-by-step learning books (ie Easy Steps).

Unit Standards books that meet the NZQA criteria for unit standards criteria for national certificates in New Zealand.

Unit Standards Assessments that assess NZQA unit standards (an Assessor Pack is also available with solutions, evidence and judgements, marking schedules etc).

Easy Way books that are used for non educational purposes, ie just anyone who wants to learn at their own pace, in their own time, particularly Microsoft Office programs, eg Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Internet Explorer etc.  These books are in levels, ie Level 2, Level 2 and sometimes Level 3.

We have had feedback from an 11 year old who has taught himself Microsoft Word through to a 93 year old who has learnt Word, Excel and Publisher by herself without the aid of a tutor.

Learning Series books combine the Easy Way book levels into one book, eg Learning Excel combines Levels 1, 2 and 3.  They are superb for learning the entire program or as a reference, either hard copy or online.

The Learning Series books are ideal as an online reference for corporates where employees can look up the subject required, eg Pivot Tables in Excel, print off an exercise relative to the topic they wish to learn and work through that particular exercise.

Home Schooling Packages for students learning at home.  These include a student workbook, solutions book, test and solutions and marking schemes.

Our books are designed to teach yourself and a system of accumulated learning and consolidation is used which is unique to the Cheryl Price system of writing.  Retrievable exercises are used.

Cheryl has 30 years experience in teaching and writing, and it is this background, and her ability to write in a manner that enables students to learn effectively, that makes her products so successful.

To date, Cheryl has authored and co-authored over 400 books that have been sold extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia, and through several world-wide web sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

We have been told by many clients that our books are far better than the Dummies or Idiots series!

If you have tried other books on the market to learn from and have been unsuccessful, we can guarantee that you will be able to learn from the Easy Steps books – otherwise we will refund your money in full!