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Easy Way - Microsoft Access 2013

Level 1 : The basics of the flat file concept of Access are introduced and explained. An existing database is opened to view various objects. A database is then created with step-by-step instructions including tables, forms, and basic queries. Additional exercises provide consolidation for the learner.

Level 2 : More advanced flat file database concepts. Includes planning a database, editing fields and properties, forms and modifying, create queries with various criteria and calculations, reports and modifying, evaluation and checking the database.

Level 3 : Relational database concepts explained in a simple to understand manner. create a relational database and link tables using primary and candidate keys. Use relationships, input masks, properties etc. Create forms and subforms, queries, reports including labels, create a switchboard, text and evaluate the database and provide user documentation.


Exercise Files:
Access 2013, Level 1  Free download

Access 2013, Level 2  Free download

Access 2013, Level 3  Free download