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Please find the following testimonies from our valued clientele.

Sharon Nolan, Okaihau College   

I have been using Cheryl Price Unit Standard resources for nearly eight years. I have been impressed with the quality of both the text and assessment resources. This has been a critical factor for me to consider when spending money as all my senior students work independently on their chosen standards and all my senior classes are multi-level. The assessments have always passed moderation with flying colours or some minor amendments. Any changes required by moderation have been dealt with promptly when Cheryl Price has been notified of a problem.

Elaine Lawler

I was very glad to hear that Cheryl Price was back in business.  To date we have purchased five unit standard books from Cheryl Price publications and are very happy with the standard of these.  They are clear, well set out and easy to understand:   I especially like the shortcut keys in the margins of the computer workbooks.  I am always recommending that students use these whenever possible as they are quicker in most cases and more efficient.   They also cut down on mouse usage which is what appears to be causing a lot of people problems with their wrists.
  Keep up the good work.

Andrew Hall | National Sales Manager

I was first introduced to Cheryl Price’s Learning Series books in 1998 when I was fresh off the boat and knew nothing about Microsoft systems.  Having used a number of her books over the years, covering various Microsoft products,  I am now what I describe as a power user.  I still have a well thumbed copy of her book in my office which has been used to teach many staff members how to use Microsoft Products.  I was thrilled to learn that she was back writing and will be ordering the latest book on Microsoft Office.

Lisa Ballantyne | Deputy Principal
Whangaparaoa College

I have used Cheryl Price's Step-by-Step books for years, in fact since the early '90s when I first used the books while studying towards the Teachers Certificate in Word Processing Level 3.  I found the books fantastic for quickly teaching myself new software, but also used class sets of the books when teaching my Information Management and Computer Studies classes.  I have used the books for Word, Works, Excel, Publisher, PageMaker and Access.  I know many other teachers of computing subjects in New Zealand have also found Cheryl's books great to use for their own learning and with their classes.  The screen shots, along with short, simple, step-by-step instructions make learning easy.  I have recommended these books to elderly learners also as the large print and simple layout has made learning easy for them.  I know that I can trust Cheryl's books to be of a high standard and know that Cheryl ensures that she has kept her books up-to-date with the latest curriculum developments and in-line with NZQA expectations.  I have recommended these books to many others over the years and continue to use them myself.    Since Cheryl sold her Software Education Resources business, I tried other books that claimed to provide similar learning opportunities.  None were as good.